About Us


YMC Translation Center Co., Ltd., affiliated to YMC Machinery Co., Ltd. Managed by experienced Japanese interpreter team.

The company started from Japanese interpreter service and documents translation service and has been accepted by the forefronts for its quickness and punctuality, approach, and understanding in the needs of customers. To accommodate the needs of leading customers in many kind of business which 90% are Japanese company.Our customer are from the car industry, electronic and other regions across the country. We are committed to developing our services for support the needs of customers by expanding service to cover all job positions to meet the needs of current market

Scope of service

1. Recruitment and provide Japanese, Chinese, English interpreter (Permanent)

2. Recruitment and provide contract interpreter (freelance). Emphasizing the interpreter in a factory, business matching, academic conference such as

  • Install and Test Run, Production Line.
  • Machine repair or Maintenance.
  • Interpreting in manufacturing process or in site.
  • Translation of SAP system.
  • Factory audit (manufacturing, environmental systems, accounting etc.).
  • Translate and interpreting Presentation ,Activity and any projects such as 5S, NHC, TPS, Cost down (Q, C, D, S).
  • Translate in meeting such as Management Meeting, Quality Meeting, Production Meeting etc.
  • Interpreting about legal cases in court.
  • Interpreting in oversea site such as Japan, China, Malaysia etc.
  • Provide Japanese language teachers to support for engineers or employees who will go to business trip or training in Japan

3. Recruitment employee in all position of any department

  • Management level such as General Manager, Factory Manager etc.
  • Manager and Assistant Manager such as Production Manager, Purchase Manager , IT Manager , Sale Assistant Manager , etc.
  • Engineer in any department Production , Maintenance , Engineering , Quality
  • Technician and Supervisor such as Technician , Forman , Leader
  • Staff in any department such as Staff , Officer , Account , Sale , Purchase , Programmer , Planning etc.

4. Document translation ( Thai , Japanese , Chinese , English)

  • Machine Manual
  • Procedure , Operation Standard
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Audit Documents
  • Drawing
  • Inspection Sheet
  • Activity documents (5S, Kaizen , QCDS)
  • ISO Documents
  • As customer requirement

"Think of translator think of YMC
Fast forward thinks of YMC"